Chef Lello began his cooking career on the island of Sardegna, Italy, where he learned to cook from his father and mother. A shepherd in the rugged interior of the island, his father taught him to alway use the freshest and highest quality ingredients  His family raised sheep, goats, cows, and pigs and grew their own fruits and vegetables in an expansive garden behind their house. It was here in this idyllic Mediterranean setting that Lello discovered his lifelong passion for food and cooking.

Lello studied the culinary arts in restaurants across northern Italy and then travelled and worked extensively throughout France, Spain, Germany, the Caribbean and the US. He was inspired by each country’s native ingredients and cuisine, creating variations of meals his parents taught him, such as substituting potatoes with yucca to make on of his favorite dishes gnocchi.

Following his passion and dream of owning his own restaurant, Chef Lello opened Chef Lello’s Food Truck in Hartford, Connecticut, specializing in Italian Heros with meatballs, sausages, melted cheeses, and more. Customers followed him from family parks to special events, to the busy downtown streets of Hartford.

When the opportunity to become part of  Bricia came along, he fell in love with the piccola cocina and the Lower East Side neighborhood. Here he could creatively cook his favorite fresh pasta dishes. Just like the small kitchen in his childhood home, he uses only fresh local ingredients and homemade pasta. Customers love Chef Lello’s food. You only have to hear the mmmms and wows and see the wide open eyes after the first bite to know that his food is authentic Italian and delicious.